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This is a really cool animation! I was really impressed with the changes in perspective. One issue I have is that the audio seems to have a little bit of clipping going on. I don't know if you can hear the slight crackling like I do, but that's usually indicative of an issue with the quality or db's of the track.

It's really easy for me to overlook though because the music itself is cool and mysterious enough to add to the atmosphere of the animation. I really like it!

Lunora-OpTer responds:

Thanks for the feedback! The audio is lower quality because of the rendering but in the finalized version it won't be.

You need to get on a tablet and adobe animate pronto, because this is already better than half the madness shorts that get uploaded here. Cheers!

diamondbash322 responds:

I honestly wish I could have those but it's been pretty rough, maybe one day I'll be able to get them, but seriously Thank You!

Loved the rendition! I also thought the textures on the mask was really cool as well. From a MM fan, great job!

redshibe responds:

thank you!

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Truly humbled to have played a small part in this amazing work of art.

Just an FYI, this game is actually playable on desktop too.

Luminem responds:

You're right, but best experience is on phone due resolution I used and way controls were thought

Really fun game! Sunk about half an hour into this trying to get past the third level. Wish I was better at these vertical shooters. This is a good one for sure!

Extar responds:

Glad you're enjoying it! If you're having trouble maybe try picking different upgrades. You can increase your max lives if you upgrade the ship hull. :)

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Nice, serene start to what can be a calming piano piece. Maybe you should expand on it with a melody to add a little more dimension to it?

Composition-wise, this is really nice! I am a huge fan of how this piece has a lot simple octave melodies hopping around the piano, but is monumentally fleshed out with the strings. I hope to hear something like this on a real piano sometime, because the quantized structure and lack of dynamics is quite a hindrance for this kind of work.

Sick track! Hope to hear more from you in the future.

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Sick as fuck my dude. The sprite for @sparkey10984 is my fav.

I've been looking at this for a few days now, and while I can't explain every aspect of the picture, the overall mood of something that was once pure and cherishable is now being corrupted really jumps out at me. The dead birds, the leg and hair becoming tainted by some sort of black, amorphous entity; it all seems to reflect something good coming under attack and losing, very gradually. Even the red tones around the girl's face and neck seem to imply that something incredibly sinister is assaulting her and the environment around her.

I don't think I've looked into any sort of Newgrounds work of art like this is an incredibly long time. Absolutely spectacular.

Awesome detail for a tattoo! What part of the body is it going on I wonder?

zephyo responds:

the upper arm :D

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